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Resort Software
Why cost your recipes?
Why bother with food costing? Simple, you make more profit!

The most important aspect of staying in business (let alone prospering) is making a profit and, it's nigh on impossible to make a steady profit if you have no idea what it costs you to produce your menu.

Our products take the tedium and guess-work out of food costing. They will help you detect unprofitable recipes before you lose money on them, optimize your pricing strategy (i.e. achieve higher returns - see Menu Engineering) and even get your stocktake under control. For any size business.

We do the maths so you don't need to. Our products do all the number-crunching and present all the numbers you're interested in, in easy to read reports.

Our products also represent a fantastic return on investment. Find just one badly performing item on your menu and the software could be paid for in less than a month.

Don't you think it is worth a couple of hours a week to stay on top of your production costs and make more money?

If you have any questions about or products or cost control in general, give us a call (+61 (0) 403 066 939) or email support@resortsoftware.com and we'll do our best to help.
Resort Recipe
Resort Recipe

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