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FAQ - Where can I get technical support on Resort Software products?

Telephone and email technical support for all Resort Software products is available from Resort Software.  All of the relevant contact details are here.

Before contacting our technical support department, please make sure that you have the latest release of the program installed.  Yours might be a problem that's already been fixed.

If you do contact Resort Software technical support, please make sure you provide the following information:- 

The exact version and build number of your program (find these in the program's Help->About box).
The operating system running on your computer. i.e. Microsoft Windows 98 or later, or Microsoft Windows NT version 4, etc. 
The exact nature of your problem or query. In order for us to track down a bug in a program we need to be able to reproduce the problem on our development system. To do as quickly as possible, we need as much useful information about the problem as possible. Sending us an email that just says "It won't print!" doesn't actually tell us much and we'll immediately contact you back for more information - wasting your time as well as ours. The more information you can provide, the faster we can respond. 

Considering the various time-zones around the world, you may find it more convenient to contact your local distributor before contacting us here at Resort Software.  If they can't help with your questions, they will pass it along to Resort Software. 


This information contained in this page applies to the following Resort Software products:
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