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FAQ - How do Resort Executive version and build numbers work?

Resort Software has a policy of providing program updates in the form of service packs to registered customers via our web site. Whenever we make a change to the program, either a bug fix or a new feature, we will make the updated version available for free download here on our web site. These updates will remain free throughout the life of the current version of Resort Executive.

The current version of Resort Executive is version 1.5. This version number will remain the same until we release Resort Executive version 2.

So that everybody can keep track of which release of Resort Executive they have, we have implemented a build number system. Whenever we release a Resort Executive service pack, we will increment the program's build number (we just add one (1) to the previous build number).

The current Resort Executive build number is 630. You can check the build number of the version on your computer by selecting 'About Resort Executive...' from the Resort Executive Help Menu. The program will display the build number in the top row of the About dialog box. (See the diagram below.)



If your existing release of Resort Executive is less than the latest release you can download a free update from the downloads section of this web site.

If you like, you can join the Resort Software Mailing List. Members of this mailing list will be automatically notified, via email, whenever an updated version of Resort Executive is posted on this or another web site.  


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