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FAQ - Are Resort Software products Year 2000 compliant?

All Resort Software products have been tested and validated as being fully Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant. All Resort Software applications will:-

1 Provide the capability for users to readily identify the century in all on-screen date fields without special processing.

2 Accurately interface with other software and hardware that use standard formats (4 digits) for year representation.

3 Process prior to, during and after the year 2000, all date related data. Including but not limited to accurately inputting, manipulating, storing, calculating, displaying, transferring, and printing such data related data.

4 Correctly process dates (including leap years) according to the Gregorian calendar.

5 Not incur any performance degradation caused by Year 2000 compatibility.

All existing and future Resort Software products, and product upgrades, will meet or exceed the above Year 2000 compliance statement.

NOTE: Resort Software does not warrant that any of the company's products will function correctly on computer hardware/operating systems that are not themselves Year 2000 compliant.

This information contained in this page applies to the following Resort Software products:

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