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FAQ - How does Resort Restaurant licensing work?

Resort Restaurant, like most Resort Software applications, requires a license key to run successfully on a customer's computer. The licensing system implemented in Resort Restaurant is relatively simple and this page details how it works.

When you initially install and run Resort Restaurant, the program generates an automatic 30 day trial license. This enables all of the program's features for a 30 day period. So, anybody downloading the program to try it out before purchasing gets an automatic 30 period to see if they like the program. Customers who have already purchased the program before installing it for the first time, get a 30 day period to obtain their permanent license key.

Once you have purchased and installed the program, you will need a permanent license key. This is done by submitting an 'installation code' generated by your Resort Restaurant installation to either Resort Software or the Resort Software authorized distributor that you purchased the program from. You will then be issued with a license-key which you enter into Resort Restaurant. Your Resort Restaurant installation will then be permanently licensed.

This is the procedure:-

  1. Purchase and install Resort Restaurant (not necessarily in that order).
  2. Select 'License...' from the Tools Menu in Resort Restaurant and note the install code that is displayed.
  3. Contact Resort Software or your nearest authorized Resort Software agent and pass this install code along with your name, address, etc. (There are options to email or fax the install code from the licence dialog, saving you the effort of manually typing the license key request) 
  4. You will be issued with a licence key, most likely via email.
  5. Enter the licence key (copy/paste it from the email) and your name into the Resort Restaurant Licence dialog (select 'License…' from the Tools menu) and click the 'OK' button.
  6. You are done!

This information contained in this page applies to the following Resort Software products:
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