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FAQ - What computer hardware do I need to run Resort Chef?

To run Resort Chef your computer should meet the following minimum hardware requirements. Resort Chef is a serious database application that can place heavy demands on a computer's resources so the following processor/memory specifications should be interpreted as a minimum specification.

Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP (any edition) or Microsoft Windows Vista (any edition), Windows 7 (any edition), Windows 8 (any edition with the exception RT).
500Mhz Pentium class computer or better.
128MB RAM minimum, but, like most Microsoft Windows applications, 256MB or more would be better.
Approximately 100MB hard disk space to install.
VGA video system. (NOTE: All program screens are optimized for 1024x768 pixels.)
Optional CD-ROM drive. If you download the program from this or another web site, you can install it from the downloaded files. The only other method of receiving this product is on CD, hence a CD-ROM drive may be required.
Mouse or compatible pointing device.

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