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Product Features: Recipe Costing
Full recipe costing. Calculates production cost, retail price (with and without tax), food cost percentage, factor, markup, gross profit and gross profit percentage for all recipes, menus and functions/events. Production costs are calculated separately for each site (geographical location) and profit figures are calculated for each sales outlet at each site.

The following screen shots the differing foodcosts achieved for one recipe at a company's Brisbane and Toronto sites. The costs appear be read in the currency appropriate to each site (Australian Dollars for Brisbane and Canadian Dollars $ for Toronto).
Any changes affecting recipe costs are updated on screen immediately. i.e. Change the retail price at the Toronto Restaurant outlet from $7.50 to to $8.00 and all profit figures (food cost percentage, etc.) are immediately recalculated and displayed.
Products failing to meet profitability targets are highlighted on screen and exception reports can be printed let you see poorly performing products. (The example below fails to meet the target Food Cost Percentage of 25% for the Brisbane Restaurant outlet. All the price and profit figures are highlighted in red for that outlet. You can set your own profit target.

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