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Resort Recipe Product Details
Resort Recipe
If you’re a cooking enthusiast or student with no need for food costing, then Resort Recipe was made for you. This entry-level program's HTML based user interface makes browsing, editing and printing your recipe data just like surfing the 'net.
Whilst it may not have all the food-costing features of our other products, Resort Recipe has been designed to make basic recipe management as simple as possible.

Resort Recipe data is fully compatible with our other recipe management products, so upgrading to other Resort Software recipe management products, or exchanging recipes with colleagues is a breeze.

Resort Recipe will run on Windows 2000, Windows XP (all editions), Windows Vista (all editions) and Windows 7 (all editions), Window 8 & 8.1 Pro, Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Why are we giving away free software?

Resort Software's primary focus has always been on the development of cost-control software for foodservice professionals. However, we realize that many chefs may not need recipe-costing software on a daily basis, and that basic recipe storage and printing would suit them just fine.

Will Resort Recipe always be free?


We undertake to never charge for the downloadable version of Resort Recipe and to update the program and release those updates in synch with our other recipe management products.
We've prepared a product comparison page to help you select the right Resort product for your needs.
Download a free full working version of Resort Recipe from here.
 Program Features
This section discusses some of Resort Recipe's major features, we recomend that you download Resort Recipe and see for yourself just how easy it is to use. Resort Recipe's online help and user's manual provide more comprehensive details about the program and are available as separate downloads from here.
HTML user interface. Resort Recipe’s HTML based user interface makes browsing your recipes very much like surfing the World Wide Web. Each ingredient and recipe is displayed in it’s own web page which are all automatically generated by the program. Just click the various links in the pages to perform editing actions on your recipe information.
Multiple databases. Resort Recipe uses Microsoft Access format databases and you can create as many separate databases as you wish, with no effective limit to the number of ingredients or recipes stored in any one database.
Recipe scaling. Scale recipe ingredient portions to any quantity from a base recipe. (See screenshot above).
Nested recipes. Include one recipe as a sub-recipe in another recipe. Recipes can be nested in this fashion as deeply as you wish.
Import pictures into ingredients and recipes. Resort Recipe supports full 32bit graphic technology to store pictures of recipes and ingredients. Jpeg, Gif, Bmp, and Png files can be imported.
Global Find/Replace. Use Resort Recipe’s Replacement Wizard to quickly and easily replace one ingredient with another in all recipes.
Import/Export recipes. Exchange recipes with your colleagues. There are already several web sites offering free recipe downloads for Resort Software products, and you can download these recipes straight into your own databases. Resort Recipe also supports importing recipes in Meal Master and MasterCook MX2 format. There are literally thousands of Meal Master and MasterCook format recipes available on the internet.
Database compatibility. Resort Recipe features full database compatibility with other Resort Software recipe management products. Should you wish to upgrade to another product in the future, you need make no changes to your data at all. Just open your existing database with the other program and you’re away.
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